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My name is casey greg and I’m a nurse practitioner at access, pain solutions. My name is Rebecca Moore and that access pay an hour. Tulsa Neuropathy Does the nurse practitioner and pain management I am from Kansas Oklahoma, which is on the Arkansas border and I graduated from the university of Arkansas, with a bachelors of science in nursing and maryville university, with a masters of science in nursing and minor surgery. I am from muskogee Oklahoma and the university of Oklahoma I have been a nurse practitioner since 2013 and working in pain management for the last 4 years, and then I was an rn since 2005 seven health care for many years now, I think a lot of patients are just searching for answers about their source of their pain and rather than just being brought into a clinic and giving medications.

A lot of people would like to find the underlying or the root cause and access pain solutions. We try to differentiate their cara, try to give them deeper answers and try to come up with solutions rather than just putting another band-aid on it. Some of the other things that we offer here and access pain would be like Arnie program neuron, the program injections that we can schedule it off or even in the office and then the satellite program that we also offer at various locations that patient can be staying there with her primary care provider every month and they just the us every 3 months, so that helps cut down on the travel time, cost and expense and make some more convenient for them. So, with the new program, we offer basically like a 3 tier 3 share program where three step program to get patients knee joints feeling better.

We offer a hyaluronic acid treatment, which is been around for several years, but is actually shown to help regenerate cartilage growth in the knee recushion any lower inflammation and get people up active and walking again. Many patients want to avoid knee surgery either because they don’t want to go to the surgery, recovery process or are possibly physically, maybe not able to so. The new program has offered a really great option that’s non-surgical, Tulsa Neuropathy to get them back up on their feet, get their knees feeling better. We also couple it with physical therapy and specified bracing and other topical medications that can help with pain as well.

If you’re watching this video right now and any of the problems that we’ve addressed and if that sounds like it’s, you just give us a call. We’re here all fall through the week. Tulsa Neuropathy We’re willing to get you in either discuss it with your primary care of pain management would be a good option for you or get that referral that you need. That will get you in get you evaluated and see what customized treatment plans we can come up with the help you with your pain, needs. Make sure that you reach out to us and give us a call today at the number 918-710-4112.