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The only thing that hurts worse than chronic pain, is having to wait months to see a doctor about your chronic pain. We believe you deserve to see a doctor as soon as possible. Excruciating pain is never something you should be forced to accept as a permanent status. This sort of chronic pain is a barrier that prevents you from living life on your own terms. Schedule an appointment today to get relief.

More than 10 Years of Pain Management!

Our staff of pain specialists is made up of highly experienced nurses and doctors, led by Dr. Frank J. Hackl. With more than 10 years of pain management experience, Dr. Hackl is Board Certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Management..

Access Pain Solutions was started in 2015 because there was a shortage of quality pain management options in the Tulsa area. Patients were being put on month long waitlist before they were able to be seen. Here at Access Pain Solutions, we know that everyday is excruciating when living with chronic pain. We pride ourselves on our scheduling flexibility. We promise to get our patients help quickly to start their path to relief.

Along with convenience, safe quality care is a pillar of our practice. We take prescribing pain medications very seriously. Our goal in treating patients is to relieve pain through interventional therapy and to minimize the use of medications as much as possible. Access Pain Solutions offers cutting edge treatment programs for chronic pain, neuropathic pain and knee pain.

No matter the pain, we promise to do everything we can to try to help. Every patient receives individualized treatment plans at Access Pain Solutions. Our clinic will put patient care first and provide quality interventional pain management while protecting our community from abuse and diversion from dangerous medications.

The medical director, Dr. Frank Hackl, knows there is a delicate balance between medication helping or harming a patient. We understand that oral medications are at the heart of the opioid epidemic happening in our communities. For this reason our medical professionals have extensive training as a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Suboxone providers. Our addiction medicine treatment program is non judgemental with tailored Suboxone therapy in Tulsa. If you or a loved one is dealing with opioid addiction, we are here to help.