” The doctors at Access Pain are knowledgeable and caring, providing excellent pain management!”
Mark C.

” Excellent service and attention by the doctor, his team, and office staff. I personally recommend Dr.Hackl and his crew.”

” My lumbar spine has gone through a lot of trauma and surgery before going to Access Pain. Dr.Hackl has helped me go from a place of being in pain all day and night with no activity to managed pain with managed activity.”
Carrie A.

” In my opinion the doctors are some of the best I know. I set the bar very high for any medical providers I use. They have not only the expected medical credentials, they express genuine empathy, which in my opinion is very important.”
Pete F.

“I can’t say thank you enough for going above and beyond in your help for getting my medication filled. Had it not been for the staff at Access Pain, I would still be waiting on CVS to “try,” to get authorization. It’s all about the fax machine or phones according to them. Seriously, thank you.”

” I must say the physicians and staff at Access Pain are top notch. Everyone is always friendly, and courteous. Dr. Cara in particular is a true gem. She is always a pleasure to deal with and goes above and beyond, diligently working on each patient’s behalf to ensure they receive the care they need and deserve. My gratitude to Dr. Hackl for giving me back pain relief I have desperately hoped for so long. Thanks to his exceptional injection skills, I am able to lead the active lifestyle that keeps me healthy and happy.”
Jennifer Y

” I was very nervous about having injections done to my spine, but I had an excellent experience with Access Pain. I have been suffering with low back pain for years and after my first injection I felt well enough to run a 5k two weeks after. Thank you.
Brad M.

” Would recommend Dr.Hackl. He is dedicated to helping relieve pain. My pain has gone from unbearable to now being able to get comfortable to sleep. His manner makes all the difference during procedures.’
Heidi C.

“I would certainly recommend Dr.H. My husband is only 38 and has suffered with back pain for the last 5 years now. He has seen several doctors who have dismissed him as “too young for surgery, or just wanting medication.” It was Dr. H who has taken the time, ran the appropriate tests, and diagnosed him with three herniated disks. He has recommended a surgical consultation, but has been very helpful in coming up with a treatment plan to deal with the day to day pain in the meantime.”